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Causes of Registered and Unregistered Prostitution in the 19th Century in Paris

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The majority of women were forced into Prostitution because they were alone and poor.
Some had children to support with no job prospects.

We have included a chart with the courtesy  of Alexander Parent-Duchatelet

This Chart is a study of Prostitution in Paris in the 19th
Century shows details of why French women went into this line of work. 
Some women were unfit to do even the most menial jobs which may be why they chose to become prostitutes. 

A Street Walker is approached by a man he appears to be a member of the Bourgeoisie judging by the way he is dressed. She seems to be disgusted with him telling him "Go tell your Mother to wipe your nose" implying he is not much of a man. Why is she so angry with him, maybe he has been harassing her or could it be that he looks down on her  as a whore with no morals  without a thought of what brought her to this harsh life. Street Walkers often had to defend themselves due to the poor treatment from the upper class men of Paris 
The majority of unregistered prostitutes (unlike the registered prostitutes in the brothel) worked without the help of a mistress/Madame. This is significant because the Madame’s brought clients to the prostitutes and saw the first profit from the business. Streetwalkers were forced to approach prospective clients themselves and sell themselves as a commodity to them. The approach varied from woman to woman. "'Are you going to make me rich?' was the usual formula for approaching a client. Some prostitutes were not afraid to grab a man by his sleeve and cling to him, even yelling insults at him if he refused their attentions." 
After 1850, the brothels became less and less significant as Paris grew in size. Likewise, the unregistered street prostitutes became more spread out, perhaps making it much more difficult for police to locate where streetwalkers roamed the streets looking for clients. The difference between soliciting prostitute and the lorette was that the lorette, like the courtesan, was a kept woman.

It is important to note that the streetwalker was in her profession for a reason. This was not a desirable lifestyle choice, but rather something women were usually forced into for any number of circumstances. It is even more important to note that it was next to impossible for these women to become courtesans. Women who became courtesans usually already held jobs (usually in shops) and were looking for financial security. "Conversations in the workshop, the example of older women, and rivalries and jealousies soon persuaded the young apprentice to find herself a bourgeois lover...". The main point is that it was not rivalries and jealousy that motivated the streetwalker, but necessity.

It is such a blessing that in the 21st Century women can choose this profession because they can openly admit they "Love SEX"



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How to treat your Escort

Escorts are human beings just like you they are not a commodity with no feelings she will allow you to enter her world for a set time. She is not for sale but she will let you use her body for an agreed time; treat her right as most give what they get.

Firstly it depends on how you find their contact details Paper or Internet.

Lets deal with papers first:

This is usually a spur of the moment thing for you for her it is not, she has prepared her day for phone calls and visits so your first contact is via phone.
You may ring a few numbers trying to find the type of lady you want to see.
Make sure your number is displayed on her phone if it shows as a blocked or private number there is very little chance she will answer it.

I have heard people say things such as My wife may answer the phone or this is a work number or I am calling from a pay phone none of these excuses are acceptable, be assured the escort will not return your call unless you request it she has better things to do with her time she knows you are probably married and if she does receive a call from a female asking who she is she will always cover your back saying It must have been a wrong number or This is John’s phone he left it in the office can I take a message.

Your manner and manners on the phone are important you will probably want a brief description of her and her rates being asked this 50-100 times a day the answer to these questions becomes like a script to her enter into some small talk draw out her personality you are more likely to find the lady you are looking for this way if she cuts you short then she is not the lady for you move on to the next one.
Always be polite rudeness and vulgarity are not acceptable and you will get more calls hung up on then willing participants wasting your money and her time remember the saying “You get more fly’s with honey than vinegar”

If the lady does not state what services she will provide you may have to open this area politely you may be looking for a GFE (Girl friend Experience) if you don’t ask before you arrive you may have the door opened by a Dominatrix then you will have wasted time for both of you.

Once you make your choice remember you are being invited into her home yet she does not know you to her you are still a voice on the end of the phone don’t be surprised if she is cautious   and directs you to a landmark and to again ring her, this is not being awkward she is in a vulnerable position and is trying to protect herself. I hear you say “But I am a nice guy I wouldn’t do anything wrong” this is probably very true but at this time she doesn’t know this.

Now we come to the meeting. Sometimes the lady is not what you expected don’t be rude or make excuses like “I left my wallet in the car” be honest yet polite anything else will have your number logged into her phone as a time waster and chances are she will have several phones so when you ring any of her numbers you will not receive an answer.

She is the type of lady you are looking for then a kiss on the cheek will break the ice you probably already know her name so introduce yourself. You have already been told the fees and you know how long you wish to stay with her have this amount separate in an envelope, after some small talk hand it to her it is much nicer to have it in an envelope this makes it look more like a romantic encounter than a financial one.

Now the fun can begin she will probably direct you to the shower as she puts the envelope away and she may even join you in the shower the rest of your visit I will leave up to your imagination.

This lady may be perfect for you then again maybe not you may visit many escorts before you find the one for you but I always recommend you settle on a regular lady you get to know each other without probing into your personal lives she knows you have a family and children she probably has children to, these parts of your life are taboo unless you are willing to invite her into them but it is unlikely she will invite you into hers.

The Internet.

First contact here is usually by e mail there may be several e mails between the two of you and once again through these letters you will get an idea of her personality.
Ask what services she would be comfortable engaging in with you in some States of Australia the Escort can not list the type of things she is happy to do, again ask politely don’t say “Can I stick my cock up your ass” this will probably be the last communication between you
Ask if her photos are current if they are out of date she may send you more recent ones.
If she has a web site this will also give you a more personal insight into her once you feel comfortable with her the next step is a phone call now you will get to hear her voice and through e mails the two of you have come to know each other and you can go into a bit of banter and eventually set up a time for you to met each other it may be an in call to her place or an out call to your hotel maybe dinner first. However long you plan on spending with her let her know straight away. Some escorts will only see 1-2 Gents a day others will see many so she needs to know your time factor if once you meet and you want to extend the time this may not be possible as she may have another booking after yours, so be sure of your time.
If it turns out you want to spend longer with her and she can’t on that visit you will know for your next visit to book her for the actual time you want to spend with her.

Did you enjoy the encounter? You did J  A nice text or e mail telling your escort how much you enjoyed her company is always appreciated and holds you in good stead for your next visit.

So you have now enjoyed your time with an Escort and weather you visit this one regurally or visit several escorts always remember Treat her as you wish to be treated and you can’t go wrong.

What if you see her in the shops? It is very unlikely she will acknowledge you especially if you have company and she will expect the same if she is with friends but if the two of you are alone she will wait for eye contact once that is made she will give you a small smile that is the invitation to say “Hi” and maybe go off and have a coffee together.


She is a lady first hooker second she expects to be treated like a lady maybe a small gift on your next visit a bunch of flowers or some perfume there isn’t a woman in the world that doesn’t love receiving small gifts of appreciation

Now it is time to visit us at and select one of our beautiful Escorts

Happy Screwing

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Stunning Blonde Firm and Young

Are Proud to present the beautiful Ellie Lane a young blonde Escort new to the industry. 
This Stunning young beauty is sexy, sensual, intelligent and friendly.
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What is a Courtesan

We all know the word prostitute but how many people know what a courtesan is? 
Courtesans were usually very attractive ladies who started there adult life working in a trade where she had contact with people and usually admired by  gentlemen of means.
It was usually their intention to become a Courtesan a high class Prostitute or Mistress who was supported by wealthy men putting them  above street walkers, Madams and Loretts
Women would become Courtesan's for many reasons, Marriage in the 1800's was usually a business arrangement more than a love story and wives did not necessarily inherit on the death of there husband whereas the Courtesan was showered with lavish gifts creating a very comfortable life style for her.

Many titled men including Royals and Kings kept Courtesan's.
A wife's roll was to carry on the family name and to be seen and not heard, many were pleased that there husbands entertained a Courtesan so they could be left to their own devices 

Defining the courtesan basically comes down to this: "a prostitute with a courtly, wealthy, or upper-class clientele." 

The Courtesans at are most certainly very High Class ladies

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Oh for the love of Chocolate

Our Chocolate Stunner Rhinnina with skin like velvet. 

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